George Papagiannakis - Guitars/Vocals
Chris Zindros - Bass
John Memos - Guitars/Growls
Savvas Kalpakoglou - Drums

Chris  Zindros is a musician born and raised in Volos/Thessaly

Chris studied bouzouki,electric guitar and classical harmony in the municipal conservatory of N.Ionia/Volos where he graduated in 2003.In the last years his musical explorations include a variation of instruments such as drums,oud,saz,eastern percussion and of course Bass in parallel with his studies on computer science in Ioannina.His current field of action includes : Bass player and composer/arrangements in Absinthiana (Progressive/Post Metal), folk string instruments,eastern percussion and founding member of Stihovoli (Traditional with modern rock and electronica elements), Drums and arrangements in Aenaon (Avant-garde Black Metal), Drums in Septuagint (Orthodox Black/Death Metal)
Past Bands:
Chaos Virtue(technical death metal),Emfani Garyfalla(comedy),Celestial(melodic death metal).
Also he maintains a personal youtube channel which he keeps updated with his live performing action and many more.
Absinthiana - Absinthiana EP (2013) / Bass guitar
Aenaon - Extance LP (2014) / Drums
Aenaon - Er 7' split / Drums
Stihovoli - Volta single (2014) / eastern percussion,folk string instruments
Emfani Garyfalla - Glukos Peirasmos V.A. (2009) / Bass guitar
Celestial - The Nocturnal Quest demo (2004) / Electric guitar
Celestial - Crimson portrait (2003) / Electric guitar
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This is the band's first EP.
Drums and acoustic guitars recorded at Infinite loop music studio.
Vocals recorded at Panos Haralampidis' studio
Guitars , bass and growls recorded at John Memos' home studio.
Mixing and Mastering by John Memos and Absinthiana.

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