Thanos Nanopoulos / bassist
    Thanos was born in Athens  at  9/8/1988 .He raised and  lives at Corinth . At the age of  14 he started his fisrt steps in music palying electric  guitar .At the age of  21 after a suggestion of Dhmhtrhs Fragoulis(guitarist and singer of Orama) for the needs of creation the band(Orama) he started palying bass. Since then he understood his love for the electic bass and  4 years after that he started to play frettless bass and double bass. Thanos supports bulk strings.

Discography :

Promo album Orama ,,Θεός που μου ανήκει,,
                         publishing at 21 jan of 2012
Single Orama Λήθη - publishing at 19 feb of 2015
ΕΝΔΟΠΙΑ - Ο φόβος της σιωπής   11.1.2018
Οrder of the black jacket - publishing 2 .5. 2018