The band released a single back in 2015 ("To These Days", recorded at Made in Hell Studio). Recently, the band released it's debut EP under the name ''Redwood'' which was recorded at Destiny Studio. Right now, they perform several gigs in order to spread the sound of ''Redwood''.  They played together with Agnostic Front(US), Expire(US), Lionheart(US) and Nasty (BE). The future is yet to come and it'll find the band in the studio, composing new material mixing hardcore with metal elements, for their debut album.

Kin Corruption

Mitch was born in 1992 in Athens, Greece. He took his first classical guitar lessons at the age of 7. His first school band named Violent Disease, was formed back in school when he started playing electric guitar. At the age of 18, he moved to Rethymno for studies in Μusic Τechnology and Αcoustics at TEI of Crete.Ηe was also a part of a progressive / post rock / metal group called Semi-Life, based in Crete. In 2014, he moved back to Athens and involved with a groove metal band called Cartilage. He made his first steps as a bassist. From 2016 to present he’s the lead guitarist of the hardcore band named Kin Corruption. They’ve supported big bands such as Agnostic Front (US), Lionheart (US), Expire (US), Nasty (BE) in many different cities and fests.

Violent Disease - "Voices Of Lust" (2010)
Semi-Life - "Nothing Left But Forward" (2013 / Unreleased)
Cartilage - "30%" (2015)
Cartilage - "Sleep In Silence" (2016)
Kin Corruption - "Through Pain" (2017)

Mitch supports bulk strings