Ganzi Gun

Chris Fakiolas - Vocals
Dionyssis Bourazanis - Guitars
Thanassis Dadakarides - Guitars
Manolis Mathioudakis - Bass
George Dzerefos - Drums


GANZI GUN began as an idea by Manolis Mathioudakis and Dionyssis Bourazanis in September 2011.

Thus began the process of finding members. Initially the band joined Giannis Karabinis (drums), Giorgos Papadimitriou (guitar) and finally Andreas Karaoulis (vocals). The name GANZI GUN comes from the Sumerian word GAN-ZI-GUN-NU which means medicine of the mind. When the line up whas finalized, we started live performances at many clubs of Athens, some of which are very important like kuttaro club At the beginning we started as a cover band, but then we created our own songs. After a very beautiful and successful concert season in the summer of 2012 Giannis and Giwrgos left the band and they were replaced by Giannis Psarakis (drums) and Thanasis Dadakaridis (guitar). Ganzi Gun supports Bulk Strings

In August 2013 Andreas left the band and Chris Fakiolas took his place. With this new and powerful line-up we continue our live performances. At the moment our first album is getting ready, with Bob Katsionis(Firewind/Outloud) on production.New drummer for band George Dzerefos .

Ganzi Gun
Ganzi Gun