Composer Bass guitar synths and Rythm Guitars for Deviser
Nick Christogiannis
Passionate and experienced Musician with several years of experience, in band performances. A skilled guitar, bass and synth player, adept at writing and arranging music. Experienced in digital composition and recording processes. Bringing forth a self motivated attitude and a lifelong love and commitment to music.
Bass, Keyboards (1993-present)
• 1994 The Revelation of Higher Mysteries             
• 1996 Unspeakable Cults                                    
• 1996 Thy Blackest Love (Demo)                           
• 2002 Running Sore                                           
• 2011 Seasons of Darkness                                     
• 2017     Howling Flames (EP)       
Funeral Storm As N.C.:Keyboards (2015-2018)
• 2017         Funeral Rite (Split)           
Kawir Bass (1995-1997, 2007-200
• 2014 Νυχτός τελετήσιν: 20 Years of Recordings (Compilation)         
• Zion Keyboards (Guest appearance)
• 2005    Drakula
• Music Performance
• Music Composition
• Advanced Communication - Adaptability
• Music Technology
• Live Production

AA band with a long history and its roots in the purest are to discover a perfect mixture of aggression and melody.Founded in 1989 in Crete(Greece) and stamped by a primitive thrash death metal style.

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