Sotiris Christodoulou was born on October 28th, 1983 in Limassol, Cyprus.



He is a graduate of the electric bass and jazz harmony departments of the Ph. Nakas conservatory. He has attended seminars by important musicians, such as Panagiotis Andreou, Giotis Samaras, Giannis Stavropoulos, George Kollias and others. He has also been a member of numerous musical projects which span a variety of styles (Funk, Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Fusion Jazz etc.) His influences are drawn from Jazz, Fusion, Soul and RnB, Progressive Metal, Ambient and Classical music. He has also co-operated with a number of musicians, such as the guitarists Bob Saganas (George Gakis and the Troublemakers) and Gus Drax (Sunburst). He has performed on the album Into the Abyss of Time, written by Leonidas Diamandopoulos, namely on the songs Into the Abyss of Time and The Code of Erich, alongside Diamandopoulos himself as well as the guitarists George Kratsas and Gus Drax Sunburst, BlackFate, Biomechanical .

In past currently teaches electric bass, music theory and harmony at MMS Ioannina. He is a member of a Fusion Jazz trio alongside Bob Saganas and Konstantinos Salapas, while also maintaining a personal side project with soundscapes based on the electric bass. Sotiris supports bulk strings.

Sotiris as session musician and bass instructor 2019 move to Cyprus and living in Limassol.