Blackstone Puppets
Blackstone Puppets

Vocals - Alice ,
Lead Guitar - Kirk,
Rhythm Guitar - BB,
Bass - Lucky ,
Drums - Woodie.

Blackstone Puppets support Bulk strings and R stick Drumstick


Blackstone Puppets is a five-member modern hard rock band from Thessaloniki (GR) with a little bit of old school
flavor in their music. With Alice’s vocals on top of their exploding Rock & Roll sound, their hard rock guitar riffs and
groovy drum & bass rhythm, they’re creating a modern hard rock sound with 80’s vibes in their own way. After some
changes in their line up, they are coming back on stage refreshed, fired up and with a lot of new stuff to show. Lately
they were closed in studio recording and producing their upcoming Single.

Some cool announcements are about to
come in the near future so keep your eyes open and stay tuned as they come to start a rock revolution.

Blackstone Puppets

Blackstone Puppets is a hard Rock & Roll band from Thessaloniki formed April of 2016.

Blackstone Puppets