Giannis Maleas


Giannis Maleas is the bass player of the thrash metal band War Device and of the heavy metal band Lighting Rust. He was born in the 24th of June 1995 in Kavala, Greece. He started to play the bass at the age of 14 and he is a self taught musician. However he has a lot of live experience and he has also played with other bands like Mondo Bizarro and Prestiz. His favorite bass players are: Steve DiGiorgio, Phil Lynott and Steve Harris. War Device was formed in Serres back in 2012 by Manos Moutaftsis, Sotiris Simeonidis And Makis Arampatzis. These days War Device consist of Makis Arampatzis (Vocals), Sotiris Simeonidis (Guitars), Manos Triantafillou (Guitars), Giannis Maleas (Bass) and Manos Moutaftsis (Drums). The band counts one EP "The Anger" (self-released), one split cd with Speed Command (released by American Line Productions) and one full length album "Whisper Of Souls" (released by Rock Of Angels Records).
All of the releases above, were supported by numerous appearances in festivals and a tour in Greece. However the band has shared the stage with Scanner, Paul Di'Anno, Rotting Christ, Nightstalker and many more. At this time the band is working on the second full length album. Lighting Rust was formed in Kavala back in 2011 by Haris (Guitars), Giannis (Bass/Vocals) and Akis (Drums). These days Lighting Rust consist of Panos (Vocals), Haris (Guitars), Nikos (Guitars), Giannis (Bass) And Akis (Drums).The band counts one demo release "Wasted Generation".This release was supported by numerous shows. The band has shared the stage with Grim Reaper, Q5, Paul Di'Anno, Praying Mantis and many more. At this time the band is working on it's debut album.