Panagiotis Loukaris

Aris - Vocals
George - Guitars
Telis - Lead Guitars, backing vocals
Panagiotis - Bass
Elias - Drums
Panagiotis Loukaris was born in 1992 , in Rio/Patras and started playing bass guitar in 2006 at the age  of 14. He chooses to use the pick, for aggressive, extreme and brutal playing, giving more attack and clarity to his sound, which perfectly fits to the Death metal band Vermingod , who recently recruited him .Using his experience on recordings he also contributes to the  solo project of George Constantine Kratsas who is an EMG and ENGL artist.He can also use finger techniques, due to his education to local music school (Νέο ωδείο Ρίου)  , making him a bassist that can adjust to many styles of playing.
Vermingod first spawned their death metal nature in 2003, gaining notable attention and therefore success within the local underground scene. 2010 saw the release of their debut album 'The Grand March to Devastation'.
2 years later the "Symptom Cult" EP came.After that Vermingod toured Ireland, 2years later a second LP came "Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom"
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