Galanakis John

My name is John Galanakis, I am a Greek based symphonic - progressive guitar player,also an orchestration composer - choir director and a progressive keyboard player. I am the founder of the Cinematic Progressive Metal Band Quadrus and the composer of the first band album Entropia. Classical Guitarist, Pianist, Singer and composer. Started classical piano studies at the National Conservatory of Athens at the age of 4.At the age of 18 he finished all his music studies. Amongst them are: Classical piano degree,Comoposition,Music Theory and Harmony, Choir and Orchestral Director,instrument knowledge and Music History. At the age of 12 he started electric guitar lessons starting with an Ibanez guitar at the national conservatory of Athens. Founding members of Quadrus and currently a classical piano and electric guitar player professor at the National Conservatoire of Athens.Graduated as an Advanced Science Technology Computing Engineer from the University of Piraeus. Also sound engineer
This is my Second Full length album with post apocalyptic cinematic,electronic,atmospheric,gothic,industrial music that I made a year ago! Dance grooves and deep bass and also cinematic ambience tracks are the key elements of this album
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